It’s all about balance: Reflections with a month left to go..

Still not.. quite.. sure… how it all happened in 3.5 years, but my CAPP report finally says all requirements are ‘Met’ for my major, minor, and Honors core. :D Feeling blessed to have had enough credits to walk early last May, to finish early this December and save a few dolla$z.. and to have a few paths opening up to help me pursue my dream of teaching and inspiring future generations of young

writers and creators. I’m also so thankful to have been able to do it while enjoying a social life that has been memoir worthy to say the least (thanks to my friendsies! ♥) …College really has been like nothing else…but I’m still convinced the best is yet to come. :)

ONE MORE MONTH, the last part of my thesis remaining, and a few grad schools apps and standardized tests (no biggie, right?!) until I can savor the fruits of my labors. I feel like this last month is going to be insane, but I’m almost at the finish line… can’t fall on my face now.

Thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive and helped keep my eyes on the prize… and thanks equally to anyone who has handed me a beer on a Tuesday night and convinced me to put down the books for a bit and live. If there’s one thing I’ve learned apart from how to handle tough times and get back up after setbacks, it’s that no matter how hard you work, you’ve got to know how to have fun, too.  …It’s all about balance. I think I’m ready for the big, bad world…I just hope it’s ready for me.